Digital Signage Products

D. E. Systems offers an array of Digital display solutions for your venue, retail location or workplace. Permanent installations or Event installations of a Digital Signage solution supply information quickly and effectively.

Remote operated Tycoon Network Software allows you to control content timing and distribution of all media types to a network of displays througout single or multiple locations.

Promote your products, provide advertising, display information, messaging, news or any type of relevant media.

Sample Digital Signage Network Setup

D.E. Systems Digital Signage Network Setup
  • Network Configuration
  • Installation
  • Display Products
  • Mounting Products
  • On-Line Management
  • Support and Training

Digital Signage Useful Applications

  • Convention Centres
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Centres
  • Retail Outlets
  • Office Buildings
  • Conferences and Tradeshows
  • Events
  • Tourist Attractions