Digital Signage Products Pricing

Product Description Full License Upgrade License
Tycoon Controller 5 Single User Version 1454 701
Tycoon Network Standard Edition
Server 5 Unlimited Players 5821 1692
Server 5 (Maximum 5 Players) 3638 1194
Player 5 (required for each display) 1211 560
Tycoon Network Enterprise Edition
Server 5 Enterprise 8113 3649
Tycoon Manager 5 4122 1842
Tycoon Manager Web Edition (5 concurrent users) 7762 3498
Players 5 1211 560

Tycoon Controller

Tycoon Controller is the easiest digital signage application on the market.
Manage content then playback on a single PC

Tycoon Server Standard

Tycoon Server Standard Edition is a single-administrator solution capable of managing a network of up to 400 Players via private LAN or public internet.

Tycoon Server Enterprise

Tycoon Server Enterprise Edition supports multiple administrators and networks spanning thousands of Players.

Tycoon Player

TYCOON Player is the playback module that displays your content and communicates with TYCOON Server. It is a robust software Player designed to run 24/7.

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