Rentals - Benefits

The benefits of renting computers are numerous. Renting can be a cost effective alternative in acquiring hardware. Consider these situations below:

  1. Project. Your company just received a large contract and you will be bringing in temporary work to complete a project.
  2. Conferences. Your organization will be hosting a conference and computer equipment will be required for delegates and staff. Renting equipment for a short term requirement like this is beneficial to purchasing or removing equipment from your office.
  3. Training. Your company has upgraded an internal software system and you will need to provide training to your employees in a classroom setting.
  4. Sales and Marketing. You are going to start a 3 month sales and marketing campaign to show off a new product. If you don't own the newest models of laptops and or projectors, your computer demo can come out flat. Renting a new laptop for a sales campaign will add a lot to your presentation.
  5. Tradeshows and Exhibitions. You have entered into a tradeshow to display your products and services. You will want the best in computer and display technology on your booth. Renting a flat panel display or a high end workstation or portable will help sell your product or service.
  6. Business Travel. Renting a laptop for a trip can give you the convenience of being able to work on an airplane, check email and work on documents while you are away.

Renting computer equipment is also 100% tax deductible as a direct business expense. If you would like any more suggestions on how renting can work for you, please call one of our sales offices or email us at