Reply® Mini

Wireless Technology for Audience Response, Interactive Voting, and Audience Polling Keypad Systems

Everyone knows the most effective meeting and learning activities share a common element: a high level of audience participation. In short, interaction. But not everyone knows that with Reply� wireless audience response technology, you can add interaction in a way that's proven to encourage participation, improve comprehension, and increase retention.

Works with many Reply® software applications and PowerPoint* add-ins

What they are

Audience response products are known by various names including interactive voting pads, audience voting keypads, and clickers. These electronic devices quickly record audience member answers to questions during meeting, training, and survey activities.
Here's how high quality Reply systems work (and work reliably...)

The computer tallies the responses from the base station and instantly displays them for the presenter or the entire group to see. Data can be shown as either total group feedback, individual responses, demographic units, and scores, or team standings.

When a participant enters a response on the keypad it is transmitted to the base station unit via radio frequency. The keypad then receives a message confirming the entry was successful and the base station transfers the data to your PC.

The benefits they provide

Collect valuable data fast. Improve retention. Improve comprehension. Identify priorities. Accelerate decision making. Build consensus. Increase participant interest. Oh, and so very much more.
Reply® systems are portable interactive audience response and electronic voting tools commonly used in meeting, training, decision making, and focus group applications.
Reply® systems use the world's top wireless (RF) technology designed specifically for audience response and interactive voting applications. Over 4 MILLION keypads are in use worldwide in applications that include:
  • Interactive conferences, seminars, and exhibitions
  • Delegate and shareholder voting sessions
  • Classroom training and interactive distance learning
  • Group decision support and strategic planning
  • Focus group research
  • Employee and customer surveys
  • Advertising testing
  • Opinion analysis and political polling
  • TV game shows and special events
  • Assessment and auditing
  • Multi-site video conferences
  • And more!

Numerous studies confirm that meaningful interaction between a presenter and the audience improves attentiveness, interest, comprehension, and recall. Direct involvement and instant feedback also promote more effective communication. The result is greater effectiveness and productivity � for both the presenter and audience members.
These articles describe some of the benefits others have achieved � and you could, too � with wireless audience response systems. You may view and print the information below if you have Adobe's Acrobat Reader installed on your PC.

How they are traditionally used...

You'll find audience response systems in seminars for opinion polling, benchmarking, and speaker feedback. In corporations for strategic planning and decision making. In AGM meetings for share voting. In pretty much any place people gather to interact.

...and how new products are creating new uses

Reply Solo handheld base stations can be used anywhere, indoors or outdoors, to perform audience voting at any time without a PC, software, or even any electricity. Pretty cool...and green, too.

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