Event Maximizer™

D.E. Systems can provide the new Event Maximizer™ products for your next event, trade show or conference. The Event Maximizer™ is built on the Blackberry platform. This hand-held mobile unit captures real-time data and stores it on a secure, easily accessible website.


Lead Retrieval: The light weight, concise and easily managed device.
The Innovation is with Qualification: Multiple pre-set questions can now be answered in three ways:

  1. Single answer
  2. Multiple answers
  3. Free-form answer effortlessly keyed in on the Blackberry Keyboard

Attendance Tracking: Real-time attendance figures can now be derived from multiple units simultaneously. Know exactly how many are in attendance anywhere at any time in real-time.

Access Control: CME / CEU Tracking & Reporting: Instantly identify and record CME/CEU accreditation, accessible at anytime on-line by qualified personnel.

Surveying: As with lead Retrieval Qualification we can now respond to pre-set questions with single, multiple and free-form answers.

To inquire about this product contact sales@desystems.com or download the product sheet