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The computer environment changes rapidly D.E. Systems can analyze your environment and make recommendation to enhance your information systems. We can upgrade computer hardware; disk drives, memory, CPU, video, sound cards among other system components. As well we can upgrade software and desktop operating systems. Networks can also be upgrade to today standards including server, operating systems and Ethernet network infrastructure.


Five years ago, the chances you would receive a virus over a 12-month period was about 1 in 1000; today your chances have dropped to about 1 in 10. Viruses can infect simply by reading, or in some cases, previewing e-mail. There are steps you can take to prevent infection through various software solutions that will;

  • Remove Viruses automatically
  • Protects email and instant messages
  • Automatically updating defends against new viruses

Many times users do not suspect a computer virus as the possible cause of trouble with the system. If you are connected to the Internet and download files, receive e-mail, copy files from other people's diskettes, or perhaps boots from an infected floppy diskette, you stand a good chance sooner than later you'll get infected with a computer virus.

Sometimes the results are devastating. Time Bomb, Trojan, Boot Sector, Macro, etc are all descriptive of viruses, which cause many companies havoc and money once infected. Don't wait and be caught without protection, we can help by installing Symantec's Norton AntiVirus™ software today.


There are various methods used to protect a network from unauthorized Internet access either through the use of Hardware or Software products.

Firewall Appliances

Appliances are specialized hardware devices designed specifically to perform firewall functions. They use specially designed hardware chips known as ASICs to process the bulk of the security applications. They are typically small boxes and can process Internet traffic at very high speeds.

Firewall Software

Firewall software products are programs designed to run on standard third-party computer platforms. Note that these are Software-only based solutions, typically they include intrusion detection, application control and privacy protection.

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